We often get asked, how do you use artwork to decorate your home? While we admit this might be a challenging task for some people, it doesn’t have to be impossible.

Abstract artwork might seem like a very pretentious style, that’s not suitable for every home. But, if you know how to combine shapes, patterns, and themes, then everything can blend seamlessly.

Therefore, if you ever wanted to step outside of your comfort zone and start experimenting with artwork, then we have a couple of tips to share with you.

Learn from professionals

How do you choose the right artwork? If you aren’t skilled with remodeling, then selecting the right piece might not be an easy task. However, you can always learn from professionals. For example, many interior designers suggest that artwork should define the homeowner’s personality, as well as his space.

You can always combine different pieces to add a bit of character to your home. The best thing about artwork is that it’s an investment you take anywhere with you, even when you move. Additionally, you don’t have to take a second mortgage to purchase a quality piece; you can spend as much as you like.

Artwork in the kitchen

The kitchen is probably the last place where you want to hang some artwork; therefore, it’s one of the most commonly forgotten rooms. But, since the kitchen is often regarded as “heart of the home” and in many cases the most used room in the house, it certainly deserves a bit of art.

For example, spaces above cabinets and countertops are a perfect way to incorporate art into your everyday life. However, the kitchen is often crowded with elements, utensils, and pans; therefore, you should focus on details and lean towards small pieces. You need something that doesn’t overwhelm the space but complement it instead.

In this case, you could choose funny pieces and social prints that will make your family smile and make mornings bearable.


The bedroom is a retreat and a place where you relax after long working hours. The place to hand art is directly above the bed, or on the wall opposite the bed. You will need large eye-catching pieces that look abstract and feature soothing colors.

If you prefer photography, then landscapes can significantly improve the look of your room and add a sense of nature. However, keep the frames minimal because you want to focus on the artwork, not the vessel.

On the other hand, make sure to avoid chaotic designs and themes because the bedroom is the space where you go to clear your mind, rest, and prepare for the upcoming challenges.