Scents have the power to transform your home, and who doesn’t love spicy winter scent around Christmas? However, when choosing a fragrance, you should go for a theme that matches your house the best.

Nowadays, with so many manufacturers on the market, it’s tough to make a decision and find only one scent, and this includes fragrances that work well with any temperature and time of year.

Let’s check out some of the brands you might find appealing!

True Grace – candle fig

The True Grace candles are one of the most popular home scents, which provides depth and complexity due to the wooden base and slight addition of rose. But, ripe figs still dominate the entire fragrance base. If you are a fan of juicy candles and you like your figs strong, then this product is the right choice for you.

Everything is packed in a brown branded box, which can be a beautiful gift. Keep in mind that the True Grace is on the heavier side, so you should use it in larger rooms.

Skadinavisk Hygge Reed Diffuser

Skadinavisk is one of the brands that makes perfect scents for homes, which are light, airy, and not too heavy. Particularly this one, Hygge reed diffuser has notes of tea and baked strawberry cake, which traces of wild mint and rose petal. Even though it’s a strange mix, we have to say it’s a nice one.

When it comes to packaging, the diffuser comes in a glass jar, and it can be a great home accessory, as well. The Hygge has a balanced composition that is, at the same time, sweet and fresh, coming from strawberry and mint.

However, if you are living in a large home, then you might not benefit from this subtle smell. But, you could add more diffuser sticks, which could be a bit pricey.

Cire Trudone Ernesto Scented Candle

Cire Trudon is a legend in the world of candles due to their hand-made manufacturing process. Their home scents are perfectly balanced, featuring complex composition. Ernesto is probably their favorite fragrance, which is a mix of booze, pipe tobacco, and leader armchairs.

The packaging is lovely and sits in a hand-blown glass, which contains a signature gold emblem. We could say that the packaging and smell match accordingly. This candle will last you long, and the quality is exceptional. Even though the price is a bit high, your house will smell divine.

Dr. Vranjes Rosso Nobile Room Diffuser

If you love strawberries and ripe plums, then Dr. Vranjes Rosso Nobile Room Diffuser is one of the scents you need to have in your home. The packaging is beautiful and classy, while the sticks are placed in a tall brown bottle.

This is an excellent blend of berries and red fruits, suitable for any room or home, and the best of all; you can choose different sizes.