The upholstery fabric for your armchair or sofa can be a significant investment. However, choosing the wrong material can cost you a lot of time and money. So, before you go shopping for the fabrics, make sure to go through our recommendations, and find out which one is best in terms of style, durability, and comfort.

Fabrics for sofas, chairs, headboards…

When you are choosing materials for this type of furniture, make sure to consider who you live with and who will be using it. This should guide you towards the right selection. For example, you may love the texture silk or velvet provides, but they will be destroyed too enough in the house with pets and kids.

On the other hand, high-traffic areas, such as living rooms, require durable and resilient materials, while the furniture that doesn’t get a lot of tear and wear can sport any type of textile. One of the biggest mistakes homeowners tend to make is when they fail to consider how a leather or fabric may age over time.

When you go to a showroom, ask about maintenance and whether you can do something to protect your fabric. For instance, should you vacuum regularly? How about stop cleaning? What happens when your furniture is continuously exposed to the sun? For that reason, you should consider various factors before you make a final decision.

Fabric for kids and pets

If you have kids or pets, then you know how to keep everything clean, and stain-free can be challenging. However, you still have a couple of options left. For this purpose, you could use a faux suede or a Sunbrella indoor-outdoor fabric, which is famous for its durability.

On the other hand, if you are a fan of a leader, then you can go for a distressed leader and stop worrying about occasional scratches and scuffs. When you have a busy household, it’s best to stay clear of delicate materials such as silk because they won’t last long, especially when it comes to stains.

Luxury fabric

If pets and kids aren’t an issue, then you can focus on more luxurious fabric and really flaunt your freedom. However, not many people can afford luxurious materials. But, if you are one of the lucky ones, then decadent Tibetan wool or Belgian linen can be something to consider.

Even though linen is quite durable, it doesn’t offer you protection against stains, especially when it comes to lighter colors.


Price plays a significant role when it comes to fabric selection. First of all, consider the shape of your furniture when you are choosing the materials. Keep in mind that the more fabric you use, the more it will cost you.

But don’t skimp on quality! If you choose poor quality materials, then it may cost you more then you initially hope of, mostly when you have to change everything in a couple of years.