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Sitting in a little french bistro in Madison, Wisconson, the inception team was struck with an issue... a cologne that I was in love with, didn't smell the same on me as it did when I fell in love with it. How can I get the scent that I pined over, to work with my beloved body scent, only one way we could think of... Create a primer.

Primer's have been vetted by the beauty industry and by the public so this should be a pretty simple concept to get across in the market, we thought. A few months later the concept was born. With the help of 2 long time business partners the fragrance primer was brought to life and ready for "prime" time. After testing we realized that the intitial idea for keeping the scent honest to what the designer intended was only half the benefit. We thoroughly tested canvas and to our surprise and excitement, the primer allowed the fragrance to last almost 3x tlonger than the scent normally would. Win, Win.



    Heath Miller's passion lies in creating emotionally relevant products and brands. He has been at the helm of the marketing and creative process for some of the world's most loved companies for over 17 years. Brands like EXPRESS, Brooks Brothers, Chico's, and The Foundary to name a few. He decided that it was time to take what he loved about branding and fashion and create something the world has never seen before. Canvas & Concrete was born out of the need for something new, the need to fill a gap in the marketplace, only it was a gap that people never realized they had until now. Heath was ready to take his experience and understanding of the fashion and beauty space, and his love for all things aesthetically pleasing, and bring it to life in a product that he felt passionate about, a product that people need, and a product he could sink his teeth into. The Canvas & Concrete team was built with Heath reigning in the product and marketing plan from the ground up. As CEO, and a full support team around him, the Canvas & Concrete brand is poised for something big, so keep your eyes peeled for 2013 is poised to be a big year for Heath and the entire Canvas & Concrete team.

  • ADAM


    Adam Hopkins has a passion for being hands on in the building process from beginning to end. Overseeing offshore contract manufacturing for the Stephen Gould Corporation for 4 years, he learned that the unexpected can happen at any point of the manufacturing cycle.

    "The key to a successful international supply chain is in the relationships I have with men and women on the ground in these foreign countries."

    From 2007-2010 Adam ran the entire spectrum of production for a 57 sku hair care product line for celebrity hair stylist Kim Kimble; keeping one eye on each segment of production, from formulation and testing, to package design and procurement, to warehousing and EDI fulfillment to Target.

    Having worked on projects with Heath Miller over the years, Adam was a natural fit to oversee the creation of Concrete & Canvas. His attention to detail and relentless communication with every vendor involved ensures a flawless final product on every shelf.

  • BRAD


    Brad is a 25-year veteran of the world of advertising.

    He began his career in his native Australia where he was a spokes person for Estee Lauder and Clinique traveling and consulting in leading department stores through out the country . He then moved to England changed direction and went on to become one of the UK's leading model talent bookers and director of Boss Models London working with leading consumer fashion brands such as Gianni Versace, Calvin Klein, Mui Mui and Hugo Boss.

    He was also regular guest on the TV show "Good morning Britain" as a style consultant In 1998 he came to Los Angeles and began working as a freelance advertising producer with different brands not just in producing projects and events , but in sales and client management. Brad met Heath Miller 10 years ago while he was head creative at Chico's they have had a strong working relationship on several different projects for Clients over the past decade and therefor was Heaths 1st choice to bring on as VP of retail partnerships for Canvas and concrete .



    Sarah-Mai has a passion for beauty, fashion, and all things organic & natural.

    She honed her skills in the PR front with numerous years at Renee Lewis fine jewelry, ensuring that all of the magazines she worked with on a daily basis had the latest and greatest products and that the brand was represented correctly, as the designer intended.

    Before Renee Lewis, Sarah-Mai was ultimately responsible for all fashion and merchandise coordination for She proved her ability to organize and bring diverse groups together to rally for one common goal, just like canvas&concrete. Sarah-Mai brings her passion, organization and PR knowledge to the team and is excited to bring canvas&concrete to life for all the world to see and enjoy.

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